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Re: [ezjail] Multiple IPs?

Charles Sprickman wrote:
> On Sat, 14 Mar 2009, Philipp Wuensche wrote:
>> Charles Sprickman wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I finally found an archive of this list, and noticed that recently
>>> there
>>> was a bit of a "roadmap" discussion.
>>> One thing that I'd love to see now that 7.2 will be officially getting
>>> support for this is the ability to bind multiple IPs to a jail.  I
>>> currently don't see any way to do that with the ezjail scripts.
>> ezjail-admin create myjail.blub.com,,
> Damn!  I didn't even realize you could do that...
> What if I'm doing a fairly large number of IPs like that and I want to
> move one from one jail to another?  Is there an "easy" way to do that?
Yeah... just `vi' the config file of the jail and remove/add them...
Done it for years on FreeBSD 6.x


Jan Knepper

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