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Re: [ezjail] ZFS? [WAS] Re: Problem with "archive" command in 3.0b

Philipp Wuensche wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback!

:) thanks for the patches

... [snip] ...

> Conclusion:
> Using ZFS in ezjail includes two different decisions to make: a) the
> filesystem for the jails itself and b) managing basejail etc. in ZFS or
> not.
> So I guess it needs a "ezjail_basejail_ZFS" option too and the admin has
> to make the decision if he wants ZFS to manage basejail/newjail with ZFS
> features or not.
> After that taking care of both scenarios and their interactions should
> be manageble. This way it would be an all or nothing approach regarding
> the base- and newjail stuff but allowing the user to use ZFS based jails
> or not by implementing a new jail type.
> Btw., my guess is, if someone manages basejail in ZFS he already uses
> ZFS and there is no advantage of _not_ managing the jails in ZFS too. So
> the second scenario is very unlikely and maybe I only need to take care
> of the first!?

I agree.  Though I think that, of the scenarios you mention, the idea of
having a plain directory based jail (which maybe would be more "portable")
with zfs managed base jail/flavours/etc is the most sensible. Even with
UFS everywhere else on the system with ZFS for /usr/jail/basejail and "zfs
snapshot" before running ezjail-admin update -i even the plain old
directory based (or image based since base gets mounted into the nullfs
mount) would benefit from ZFS indirectly. Would this also work for the
binary freebsd-update(5) method for the basejail?

So I'd (now) say a good approach would be "all or nothing" plus that one
option for a zfs "base" with separate jail filesystems selected by the
admin ...

Side note: I found UFS based image jails ran a bit more sanely off of a
UFS file system .. with the image sitting on top of ZFS I had more
frequent need for fsck. This was not extensively tested and may have been
hardware related.

> Its up for discussion!

Yeah :) Anyone doing all this on CURRENT with the latest greatest zfs :)