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Roadmap for ezjail

Hello all,

although I do have little time at the moment, I still closely follow
this list and will address all archive issues soon. It is correct that I
shouldn't have put the archive feature into the release without more
tests. It has shown that my quick fixes were not as successful as they
should've been.

However, once I'm diving into the code again I'd like to take a look,
how to make the most of all the new shiny rc.d/jail features without
breaking ezjail on older systems. So here's a list of things I consider
worthy putting into a next release of ezjail. Feel free to add issues I
might have missed.

* address the archive problems
* handle image jail file system inconsistencies more clever (fsck -y)
* address the /usr/share/skel issues

* include Philipps ZFS patch (did I just miss your feedback?)
* sparse image jails (probably with a cleanup function to counter
* include FIB routing
* nicknames for jails, i.e. you can skip the less specific parts of the
domain such as the TLD, as long as the more specific remaining part is

Regards and a good evening