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Re: [ezjail] Problem with "archive" command in 3.0b

Doug Poland schreef:
Michael Scheidell wrote:
Doug Poland wrote:
Is this archive/restore functionality mature? I hit stumbling blocks at every step.

I used it to to archive (originally created on ezjail 2.x)

I did notice that I had to have a pretty complete basejail for it to work.

Hmmmm, I have full jail as well, recently updated to 7.1-RELEASE. Perhaps it has something to do with my hack in ezjail-admin? I changed pax ustar to pax cpio. It's tough on the bleeding edge...

As an alternative for ezjail backup, I'm using rsync on /usr/jails (or where ever you store your jails) with the following options:

--exclude="/basejail/" --one-file-system

We don't need the basejail, since you will have to rebuild that anyway on a different system. Plus, since, in the jails themselves the 'special' stuff is on different filesystems (like the null mounts back into the basejail, dev, proc (if you have that), ...), only the fresh stuff you created in the jail is copied over.

Works pretty good for me (I even do this on running jails), though I have not yet tried a full recover from these backups.

Mind you, this might not backup everything for you if you have custom mounts in your jail.