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Re: [ezjail] Problem with "archive" command in 3.0b

Doug Poland wrote:
Doug Poland wrote:
Dirk Engling wrote:
Graham Todd wrote:

Can we hack our own ezjail-admin files or should we wait for a fix and/or a new beta release! :-)

Oops, I thought, I've already commited it to CVS. Mea culpa. Should be
in there now.

3.0.1 coming soon, if there's not other issues needing attention.

Hmmm, haven't seen 3.0.1 in the ports tree, is it available off your own CVS server?

For experimentation, I changed the code in ezjail-admin from:

  pax ustar
  pax cpio

and received the following error:

host# ej archive my.jail.com
pax: Access/modification time set failed on: ./var/empty <Operation not permitted>
Error: Archiving jail failed.
You might want to check and remove /home/jail/archives/my_jail_com-200902121235.08.tar.gz.

And the tarball does not exist. Does anyone have any suggestions that may fix this archive problem?

Good news: I researched the /var/empty issue and it turns out I simply had to #chflags noschg /var/empty and voila, archive worked.

Bad news: I copied the archive to a different machine (same arch, same FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE) and got this:

vmhost# ezjail-admin restore -f \

Error: Archive does not contain a valid ezjail properties file.
  Some jails properties are missing.

Is this archive/restore functionality mature? I hit stumbling blocks at every step.