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ZFS? [WAS] Re: Problem with "archive" command in 3.0b

On Mon, Feb 02, 2009 at 06:36:51PM +0100, Dirk Engling wrote:
Graham Todd wrote:

> Can we hack our own ezjail-admin files or should we wait for a
> fix and/or a new beta release! :-)

Oops, I thought, I've already commited it to CVS. Mea culpa. Should be
in there now.

Excellent :)

3.0.1 coming soon, if there's not other issues needing attention.

Even better!

And now for something completely different ... well almost, ZFS has features relevant to archiving ;-)


Since work must be staring on a new 'development version' ;-) let me suggest exploring one new feature here on the list: "zfs support". Of course there's really nothing special needed for this but perhaps a "-z" switch for a new jail type ("ezjail-admin create -z /root/to/zfs/jail") could wrap a useful subset of zfs and jail creation functions together. Everything *can* be done outside of ezjail and maybe *should* be separated. Still it might be interesting to explore making using ezjail & zfs together ... easy. While ZFS properties like xattr, acls, etc should probably be set using the zfs utility things like size and location could be handled at ezjail-admin create time.

In terms of usage patterns have done things like the following:

- Set up jails on zfs filesystems on a dedicated zpool and symlinked them under /usr/jails e.g.

zfs create jailtank/sandbox_bellanet_org
ln -s /jailtank/sandbox_bellanet_org /usr/jails/
ezjail-admin create -r /usr/jails/sandbox_bellanet_org \

   ... etc. as per normal setup

- Setup /usr/jails/ as a zfs mountpoint and added jail filesystems inside it:

zfs create -o mountpoint=/usr/jails/ jailtank/jails
zfs create jailtank/jails/jail1_dom_net
zfs create jailtank/jails/jail2_dom_net
zfs create jailtank/jails/jail1_otherdom_net

  ... then fed those to ezjail-admin create -r etc.

There's other things you can do with the zfs property mountpoint=legacy, zfs volumes (which allow UFS to be used), snapshots and send/import for backup, etc. but for ezjail purposes there should probably be a standard "ezajil" way to do things with zfs that is basic and easy to figure out.

There's no rush since a lot of zfs users are still in the experiment and test stage. Maybe Dirk can watch and learn from our shared experiences to come up with the most ezjail-ish approach to using ZFS.