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Re: [ezjail] Problem with "archive" command in 3.0b

I've recently run into this problem when archiving a jail that still had /var/ports populated with dist and work files.  After removing /var/ports/* the problem with the archive failing stopped.  Just an observation, and my first comment on this list.  Nice to 'meet' you guys.


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Sent: Monday, February 2, 2009 10:57:24 AM (GMT-0600) America/Chicago
Subject: Re: [ezjail] Problem with "archive" command in 3.0b

Michiel Detailleur wrote:
> Graham Todd schreef:
>> Dirk Engling wrote:
>>> Robert Clemens wrote:
>>>> I believe I ran into that before.
>>>> Maybe instead of storing the info about the archive in the filename
>>>> there might need to be a .txt file associated with the
>>>> archive that contains all relevant info.
>>> That'd require a temporary location to store stuff to. I don't need that
>>> with the current solution. However using posix instead of ustar will
>>> solve the issue.
>> So the fix is to change the archive format used in the archive functions
>> in ezjail-admin ie. where it says:
>> pax -wzXt -x ustar
>> correct?
>> If so, to which pax format should the "-x ustar" bit be changed? cpio?
>> Both cpio and ustar are IEEE Std 1003.2 ... i.e. POSIX.2 but cpio handles
>> longer paths ... which maybe could be an issue if there are long paths in
>> the jail too, so perhaps this is a good "bug" to discover now.
> I already reported this issue 4 months ago. Glad to hear other people
> are having the same issue. In my report I suggested the same solution:
> Luckily, this problem can be avoided I think. By not using the default
> archive format for the pax util (ustar), but one of the other available
> formats: cpio, bcpio, sv4cpio or sv4crc. But not tar, since it has a 100
> character limit on pathnames. *Which one should be chosen is dependant on
> the features of the format and the features needed by ezjail, I'll leave
> this to the author or someone else on this list.* See 'man pax' for more
> details.
> So, anyone with insight in this, please pick one! :) I will happily test
> it! (I've got some jails with pretty long names that are ideal for
> testing this!)
>> Can we hack our own ezjail-admin files or should we wait for a fix and/or
>> a new beta release! :-)
> I guess we can start experimenting with other formats ourselves. What
> keeps me from doing this though is that I don't know if the format is
> specified in other tools/routines as well and if they might be dependant
> on this specific format.

I'll be glad to test the suggested solutions... let me know.