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Re: [ezjail] Problem with "archive" command in 3.0b

Dirk Engling wrote:
> Robert Clemens wrote:
>> I believe I ran into that before.
>> Maybe instead of storing the info about the archive in the filename
>> there might need to be a .txt file associated with the
>> archive that contains all relevant info.
> That'd require a temporary location to store stuff to. I don't need that
> with the current solution. However using posix instead of ustar will
> solve the issue.

So the fix is to change the archive format used in the archive functions
in ezjail-admin ie. where it says:

pax -wzXt -x ustar


If so, to which pax format should the "-x ustar" bit be changed? cpio?
Both cpio and ustar are IEEE Std 1003.2 ... i.e. POSIX.2 but cpio handles
longer paths ... which maybe could be an issue if there are long paths in
the jail too, so perhaps this is a good "bug" to discover now.

Can we hack our own ezjail-admin files or should we wait for a fix and/or
a new beta release! :-)