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Re: [ezjail] flavours pitfall

What about /usr/local/share? Should be the correct path for third-party
stuff you add to your freebsd system.
You're absolutely correct! I didn't notice yet that there is also a skel/ directory under /usr/local/share. Thanks, that will be a much nicer solution then putting my dot files in the basejail :)

Getting OT here, but putting stuff in /usr/local/share/skel (or /etc/skel) doens't work. adduser and pw only look at /usr/share/skel for dot files. You can tell them to look elsewhere, but then it won't take the files from /usr/share/skel anymore... (unless you copy them over to your new skel directory). Bit stupid IMHO, you'd expect adduser to use /usr/share/skel and then APPEND the files from /usr/local/share/skel... Ooh well, I guess I'll copy them all over to /usr/local/share/skel and then check for updates manually after each base system update.