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Re: [ezjail] ezjail freebsd-update

Graham Todd wrote:
Robert Clemens wrote:
Actually have a couple questions.

1) On some systems I use the freebsd-update utility to provide binary
updates to the system instead of buildworld/installworld.
How would I apply these updates to the basejail for updating? I looked
at "ezjail-admin update -u" but it didn't seem to do anything
other than run freebsd-update for me.
Which version of ezjail are you using? I believe the latest
not-officially-released-from-CVS beta handles this better than in the
past.  On previous versions I was unable to do this cleanly with various
freebsd-update.conf tweaks. The closest I came to success was to chroot
into the full basejail and run freebsd-update from there but this didn't
sync things correctly with the host system.

I believe the current CVS version avoids the binary diffing etc. and just
downloads a full new version of the base system?

I'm using 3.0 from ports of ezjail. Haven't tried any dev releases yet.

2) I sometimes get multiple listings of a single jail within "jls". On a
reboot my system will load all jails correctly and list each individually
with correct JIDs. If I issue a shutdown "ezjail.sh stop jailname" it
sometimes leaves the jail showing as still up even though its not. When
I reload the jail with "ezjail.sh start jailname" the jail correctly
loads and is fully useable. The "jls" utility shows 2 different IDs for
the jails
and the same name and same ip listed. I can actually jexec into the
"old" jail and it only shows my shell (/usr/local/bin/bash) as the only
The other ID (containing the newly running jail) shows all processes and
works as normal. Any idea on this?
What version of FreeBSD are you using?  I think this bug was due to an
issue with ezjail interaction with /etc/rc.d/jail

Actually using a 7.1-BETA2 build. It's quite fast and stable. Haven't had a single issue. Should  be
a -RELEASE within a month after having talked with some developers.

ps: My cosmetic patch to ezjail.sh :-D

--- ezjail.sh	2008-03-26 13:32:20.000000000 -0400
+++ ezjail.sh-cosmeticfix	2008-11-21 12:43:58.000000000 -0500
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
     case "${action}" in *stop) reverse_command="tail -r";; *)
reverse_command="cat";; esac
     [ -d "${ezjail_prefix}/etc/ezjail/" ] && cd
"${ezjail_prefix}/etc/ezjail/" && ezjail_list=`ls | xargs rcorder |
-    echo -n "${message##_}"
+    echo -n "${message##_}:

   for ezjail in ${ezjail_list}; do

You might want to add the end quotes (") to that echo line. Should work without em but would be good form to toss em back in.

Robert Clemens
robert AT solidsolutions DOT net