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ezjail freebsd-update

Actually have a couple questions.

1) On some systems I use the freebsd-update utility to provide binary updates to the system instead of buildworld/installworld. How would I apply these updates to the basejail for updating? I looked at "ezjail-admin update -u" but it didn't seem to do anything
other than run freebsd-update for me.

2) I sometimes get multiple listings of a single jail within "jls". On a reboot my system will load all jails correctly and list each individually with correct JIDs. If I issue a shutdown "ezjail.sh stop jailname" it sometimes leaves the jail showing as still up even though its not. When I reload the jail with "ezjail.sh start jailname" the jail correctly loads and is fully useable. The "jls" utility shows 2 different IDs for the jails and the same name and same ip listed. I can actually jexec into the "old" jail and it only shows my shell (/usr/local/bin/bash) as the only process. The other ID (containing the newly running jail) shows all processes and works as normal. Any idea on this?