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Re: [ezjail] Multiple IPs on a jail

On 16.04.13 16:09, Philip Jocks wrote:

>> I need two IPs assigned to a jail.  I edited the jail's rc file
>> under /usr/local/etc/ezjail/ and then started the jail.
>> ezjail-admin list shows both IPs, but the 2nd is not responding to
>> ping, nor is it showing up with ifconfig from within the jail.
>> What have I done wrong?
> unlike /etc/rc.d/jail, ezjail requires the IP address to be configured beforehand.

Only partially true ;)

If you prefix your IPs with the interface name you want to have this IP
address configured to, followed by pipe symbol, the jail(8) command will
do the configuring for you.

An example:

  ezjail-admin create -f example example.com em1|,em1|

The current ezjail version has some hickups with this notation, but it
works. The version in CVS (due soon) handles them much better.