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Re: [ezjail] Only starting select jails on boot?

On 15.04.13 18:45, Chad M Stewart wrote:

> I have a bunch of jails on a machine.  How do I go about only having some of them automatically start on boot?  I'm probably missing something obvious. :(

There's two ways, you can configure them as norun with the "ezjail-admin
config -r norun" function. But then you have to re-configure them as
runnable before you can start them from the system.

The other way is to configure them as "forceblocking", either by
creating them with the -b flag or edit the jail's config file in
/usr/local/etc/ezjail and change the jail_JAILNAME_forceblocking
variable to YES.

This was designed to allow for jails whose jail roots are not there on
boot time or that will need other forms of interaction that would block
the boot process. That is the case if you deal with encrypted jail
images or partitions.

You can later start all the blocking jails by calling "ezjail-admin
startcrypto" (or "service ezjail startcrypto").