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Troubleshooting jails ( I think I have broken the basejail )


This last evening we had a problem with a server running jails regarding the server entering the daylight savings time a week before the right date. During the timezone/daylight adjusts to restore the right time, I believe that something broke the basejail, because now the jails are giving errors to some basic commands at the CLI, even at the console:
ezjail-admin host.localdomain
csh: Cannot open /etc/termcap.
csh: using dumb terminal settings.
host# clear
tput: tgetent failure: No such file or directory
host# exit
ssh user AT host DOT localdomain
[user@host ~]$ screen
Cannot find termcap entry for 'xterm-color'.
( Never had a problem before with the last above command )

I'd appreciate any tips to troubleshoot the server's jails infrastructure, including the basejail.

The only thing I can recall that would touch the basejail is that I was trying to update the /etc/localtime of the base system and all the jails to make them display the same correct clock time.

Thanks in advance,