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Re: [ezjail] Man page missing information about 'ezjail-admin update -u'

>> Does this new ezjail 3.0 feature also mean that if I install the
>> basejail via 'ezjail-admin install' and update it via 'ezjail-admin
>> update -u', I have no need for /usr/src anymore? Thus saving me from
>> having to deal with cvsup/csup and freeing a good 400MB from the host
>> system! That would absolutly rock and allow to deploy a basic host
>> system with jails even faster!
> In theory this is correct, so it is in practise. However I am not using
> the freebsd-update command as its meant to be and I'm still a little
> embarrassed: I abuse this tool to extract a completely new OS while it
> was designed to diff the installed OS with versions from the server and
> apply patches as necessary.
> So when I come up with a working way to convince this utility that the
> split worlds actually are one, and update them the intended way, I
> consider that feature complete. For now it should be good enough.

If I installed my jails from /usr/src, is it possible to convert them
to using freebsd-update?  I have a couple of jail hosts that I maintain
using freebsd-update, but I originally installed the jails from /usr/src.
I'd love to be able to update the jails using freebsd-update, but I
don't know if I can do that without starting from scratch.

Can I rerun 'ezjail-admin install' and follow it up with the "update -u"
or am I going to break things?

Thanks in advance for such a great tool.  Next trip to Deutschland I'll 
buy you as much pils as you can drink.  :-)

vielen dank!