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Archive/Restore: File name too long for ustar format


First of all: thank you for the new ezjail 3.0! It brings with it some
really nice new features!

One suggestion for improvement however, on the archive/restore function.
Right now it seems to use the pax utility, with the 'ustar' archive
format. That ustar format however is limited to 250 character pathnames,
giving me problems, even at the very start, when archiving:

pax: File name too long for ustar
Error: Archiving jail failed.
 You might want to check and remove

I fear this prop.XXX file is a file created by ezjail, containing
valuable information for the restore functionality? Thus making this
backup rather useless, since automated restore by ezjail will not work
anymore? I also see this problem for other (normal) files in an other
jail, thus creating an incomplete backup of my jail.

Luckily, this problem can be avoided I think. By not using the default
archive format for the pax util (ustar), but one of the other available
formats: cpio, bcpio, sv4cpio or sv4crc. But not tar, since it has a 100
character limit on pathnames. Which one should be chosen is dependant on
the features of the format and the features needed by ezjail, I'll leave
this to the author or someone else on this list. See 'man pax' for more

Greetings and thanks again for this wonderfull tool!


Michiel Detailleur
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