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Re: [ezjail] creating basejail, when no direct internet connection?

On 09.11.12 17:41, Loyall, Benjamin Farragut (LARC-E302)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS

> I had just worked around `ftp` pickiness to get the basejail install
> done a few weeks before.  Since that was his goal, I shared.
> I assumed it was a design decision to use `ftp` vice `fetch`.  In most
> use cases `ftp` works perfectly.

Yes, ftp can do recursive fetch, necessary for old style base.[a-z][a-z]
layout :)

> at using `fetch` in keeping with your design.  Obviously what I gave
> Rainer was a slash and hack where I had needed a one time fix in a few
> moments.

Okay, looks like it broke when I added support for the new ftp server
layout. Usually patches do only take minutes on my side, compared to you
needing to dig into the code. So don't hesitate to just report any
issues you encounter.

> Speaking of feature requests, do you prefer them to this list or to you
> directly?

Social pressure usually is higher, when you post them here. This is
desirable :) This also leads to a implicit sanitization of request. So
there's less feature creep.

> And thanks for a) rolling this tool and b) maintaining it.  Tools like
> this that exploit OS functionality so cleanly help to introduce FreeBSD
> into shops that are more Solaris/Linux oriented.  You guys help to get
> over that ‘but where do we get support from’ question that non technical
> managers always ask.  Sadly, pointing out that Oracle & Red Hat haven’t
> gotten a call from us in years doesn’t help.

Wow, I haven't seen it this way but I am glad my work is appreciated.

Thanks and regards,