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Re: [ezjail] creating basejail, when no direct internet connection?

Title: Re: [ezjail] creating basejail, when no direct internet connection?

Sorry, I never messed with trying to install from a local .iso so never encountered Rainer’s reported problem.  

I had just worked around `ftp` pickiness to get the basejail install done a few weeks before.  Since that was his goal, I shared.

I assumed it was a design decision to use `ftp` vice `fetch`.  In most use cases `ftp` works perfectly.

I had planned on sending it to you as a set of feature requests once I got this project delivered (Late Dec) and had a chance to actually look at using `fetch` in keeping with your design.  Obviously what I gave Rainer was a slash and hack where I had needed a one time fix in a few moments.

Speaking of feature requests, do you prefer them to this list or to you directly?

And thanks for a) rolling this tool and b) maintaining it.  Tools like this that exploit OS functionality so cleanly help to introduce FreeBSD into shops that are more Solaris/Linux oriented.  You guys help to get over that ‘but where do we get support from’ question that non technical managers always ask.  Sadly, pointing out that Oracle & Red Hat haven’t gotten a call from us in years doesn’t help.


On 11/8/12 11:48 PM, "Dirk Engling" <erdgeist AT erdgeist DOT org> wrote:

On 09.11.12 04:27, Kash Pande wrote:

> Let's be thankful it was reported at all, mmk?

Sure I am thankful, and no offense intended. I just really wonder why it
was not reported and if there are even more known bugs that have not
made their way back to me :)