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Re: [ezjail] ezjail - Postgresql - Shared Memory

On 05-10-2012 20:49, Dante Peter Lee wrote:

> Thanks it worked with removing JAILNAME in rc.conf file and running
> that sysctl -w command :)


Just wanted to say that apart from the sysctl tuning suggested on the
FreeBSD Diary and other places, you will also need to change the
default uid of the pgsql user if you are running postgresql server
in 2 or more jails on the same server. Changing uid avoids
the postgresql instances corrupting eachothers shared memory
because the uid is no longer the same. Not pretty, but it works fine :)

Best regards,

Thomas Steen Rasmussen

ps. Please start a new thread next time :) Just create a new mail
to ezjail AT erdgeist DOT org instead of replying to an existing mail in an
unrelated thread :)