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questions about ezjail flavour

I am confused about the ezjail.flavour rc.d file.

The man page in the flavour section says this:

| In addition, the jail is configured so that on its first boot, the file ezjail.flavour is executed.

I took this to mean that I need to have a file ezjail.flavour (which I got by renaming ezjail.flavour.example and editing it) and that the first time the jail was started, it would use this file to configure the jail. It would not run the file on subsequent boots.

However, it appears that this ezjail.flavour file is being run every time the jail is started. I do not wish to reconfigure my jail every time it starts, so I assume I am doing something wrong.

Should I rename the ezjail.flavour.example in the flavours/name/etc/rc.d directory to be ezjail.flavour? How should this file be named?

If it should be renamed as ezjail.flavour (as I currently believe), does that mean I need to modify the line that removes the file? Should I change
rm -f "/etc/rc.d/ezjail.flavour.example" to "rm -f /etc/rc.d/ezjail.flavour"?