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ezjail - Postgresql - Shared Memory

Hi guys and girls.

I have a issue with shared memory when i try to start postgresql process in one jail so i did some research and landed on FreeBSD Diary where there was suggestion on how to fix this solution, but what i tryied didn't help me much since i am using ezjail and not usual jail that follows.

Some basic information: FreeBSD 8.3 release on my dedicated server, installed ezjails for first time for couple of weeks and still tweaking stuff up for my needs, installed a jail for to run testing in before i added packages and stuff i need to run in other jails, first in the start i had some issues with installing postgresql in the jail, i followed a manual for Gnuworld, but when i had finally found a workaround for that issue i got a new issue, shared memory issue.

I then added in host system /etc/sysctl.conf following line: security.jail.sysvipc_allowed=1 and in the jail config i added export jail_JAILNAME_sysvipc_allow="YES" and after that in the /etc/rc.conf i added jail_JAILNAME_sysvipc_allow="YES" and then i restarted that jail, logged in tryied to run postgresql but still the same issue when i run the initd -D command it comes up with the error of Shared Memory.

Since Freebsd Diary only covers for build in jail system and not for ezjail, my question is how can i fix this issue for ezjail??