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Re: [ezjail] simple image files for jails

On 28.08.13 21:18, John Ratliff wrote:

>      There are also file-based jails, in which the storage space for the jail
>      is kept in a file mounted with mdconfig(8).  There are two advantages to
>      image jails. The amount of disk space allocated to the jail is limited,
>      while normal jails have no bound on the amount of disk space they use. On
>      the other hand, the space dedicated to the jail is no longer available to
>      the host, even if the jail doesn't use all its allocated space. In addi-
>      tion, image jails contain a full copy of the basejail. This makes them
>      portable between hosts running the same FreeBSD version as the image was
>      created with.  Of course, the jail now needs to be updated independently
>      from all other jails, and there is no longer any sharing of common files
>      between the jails.
> Maybe I am missing something. What I read here is that image jails
> copy (duplicate) the basejail in each image. Because files are not
> shared, so each jail must be updated independently.

Looks like the man page is wrong. It was rewritten with some help of the
community and there a misunderstanding slipped in. I will fix this.

> So, I can use the image jail, and I can update the base jail, and all
> the image jails will be up to date with the base jail as well?

Yes. Thanks for pointing it out.