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Re: [ezjail] simple image files for jails

On Wed, 28 Aug 2013, John Ratliff spaketh thusly:

-}I was wondering if there are any problems with my idea. Why does ezjail put the whole system on the image? Why not mount the nullfs on top of the mounted image as I was originally doing?

I have not yet had the good fortune to play with image jails so cannot comment
on this one.

-}If it matters, I am using FreeBSD 9.1 Release with ezjail 3.3. It's a dual-cpu Pentium 4 Xeon with 4 GB RAM (32-bit, so that's maxed). I don't know much about ZFS, but I think this server is not suited for it (memory and cpu limitations).

What is unknown is how much disk you have under ZFS control and the amount of
I/O expected.  ZFS a mondo cool filesytem, and is a RAM monster.  IIRC the
line-in-the-sand wisdom is at least 1GB of RAM per TB of disk.  Heavy I/O
without intent logs and/or cache devices needs... more.  ;>

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