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Re: [ezjail] simple image files for jails

On 28.08.13 17:32, John Ratliff wrote:

> Then I noticed that ezjail has simple images that do this in a more
> automated fashion. However, there appear to be significant drawbacks
> with regard to data duplication and upgrading which really limits the
> benefits of ezjail, so I abandoned this.

Why do you think this? Image jails work just as normal jails, only their
root directory is in a md-image based filesystem.

> I was wondering if there are any problems with my idea. Why does
> ezjail put the whole system on the image?

As with "normal" jails created by ezjail, those inside the container
also only contain a mountpoint for the shared world (/basejail) and a
set of soft links pointing to the respective directories under /basejail

Why not mount the nullfs on top of the mounted image as I was originally

IOW: This is what ezjail does.