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Fwd: bugrtport

Dear List,

anyone any clue ;) Ever heard of the script



Reply to the sender with Cc: on list appreciated.



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From: 	kseniya lisovskaya <kseniya.lisovskaya AT gmail DOT com>
Date: 	Tue, 17 Jul 2012 20:57:46 +0400
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Subject: 	bugrtport


I try install basesystem on zfs:

ezjail-admin install -r `uname -r | sed 's/-p9//g'`
and get error (tail of stdout of your script):

ou are about to extract the base distribution into /usr/jails/fulljail -
are you SURE
you want to do this over your installed system (y/n)? tar: could not
chdir to '/usr/jails/fulljail'

i use ezjail-3.1

without zfs script work good.

Is error in file