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Re: [ezjail] trigger ezjail-admin restart from within the jail(s)

Stefan Grundmann wrote:
> Hi,
> might be useful for someone here...

Nice, but using the jails configfile filename to build the jails rootdir
path is not working! I made a patch, which extracts the rootdir from the
jails configfile and uses the last part for argument to the daemon. This
is a bit strange, because the daemon is the using this and the
configured base to build the same path again.

I also added to the patch that the rc script is getting the base from
ezjail.conf, so one only has to configure this once.

> limitations:
>  - does only work for ezjails that have the default a common base dir  

Could be fixed by really using the rootdir from the jails configfile,
would remove the need to source ezjail.conf too.