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Re: [ezjail] [PATCH] setting the jail 'name' for use in the 'jexec' command

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 23:44:24 -0700, Rudy (bulk) wrote:
>  >> Is the "jail -m " switch backwards compatible? If it would fail
>  >> silently on old systems it would be acceptable.
> BSD 7.x and earlier use the depracated 'jail -n' to pass a name to a 
> jail.  It can be silent with the 2> /dev/null

By the way, using -n still works. Just *combining* the old parameters
with the new ones does not work. Since the rc-script - at least as far
as I know - still uses the old parameters ('-l -U root' by default), you
can set export ezjail_name_flags='-n shortname -l -U root' to enable
shorter names for your jails, which is what I'm currently doing in order
to be able to use something like jexec shortname csh to change into a
jail from the host system rather than having to enter an explicit
integer JID.

However, I have been wanting the rc-script to use new parameters for way
too long. There is so much functionality loss by having the rc-script
left as only barrier why you can't enable sysvipc etc. on a per-jail
basis. The first time I set up an 8.0 machine, I wrote my own startup
script for jails, which used new-style parameters. However, ezjail
(which I never used before at least 8.2) does a much better job at
saving resources, so I went with ezjail on subsequent installations.

This is again not a strictly ezjail related problem, since to my
knowledge the official /etc/rc.d/jail also still uses old-style
parameters, sorry if this is turning too much into off-topic jabber.

Best regards,