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Re: [ezjail] Backing up a jail

On 9/8/2013 00:17, Ollivier Robert wrote:
According to Dan Langille:
Given a jail at /usr/jails/example.org, I plan to exclude the
following directories:

These are symlinks, just use a backup system that does not reference
symlinks, just store them (which almost system I know --
tar/cpio/pax/zfs send/dump -- will do by default).

The main things is that of course, unless you have specified every
jail inside their own FS (easy with ZFS, slightly less practical with
UFS), dump/restore won't be usable as it does dump only entire FS
(something Rémy Card submitted a patch for years ago...)

When backing up jails, I really like "rsync -x" and "gtar --one-file-system" since all basejail stuff is nullfs mounted.


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