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Re: [ezjail] [PATCH] setting the jail 'name' for use in the 'jexec' command

>Dirk Engling <erdgeist AT erdgeist DOT org> a écrit :

>> Is the "jail -m " switch backwards compatible? If it would fail
>> silently on old systems it would be acceptable.

BSD 7.x and earlier use the depracated 'jail -n' to pass a name to a jail. It can be silent with the 2> /dev/null

# uname -r
# jail -m name=asdf
jail: illegal option -- m
usage: jail [-hi] [-n jailname] [-J jid_file] [-s securelevel] [-l -u username | -U username] path hostname [ip[,..]] command ...
#  jail -m name=asdf 2> /dev/null

Nice and silent when you redirect /dev/null....  :)

>>  Also, why not just use the _hostname variable?
>> Regards,
>>  erdgeist
> On 6/23/12 9:36 AM, geoffroy desvernay wrote
> I'd prefer have a name param (which could default to hostname)
> There are cases where a short unique name can be easier toi manage...

Yeah, _hostname is too long... looking for shortcuts here.  :)