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Re: [ezjail] [PATCH] setting the jail 'name' for use in the 'jexec' command

Dirk Engling <erdgeist AT erdgeist DOT org> a écrit :

>On 23.06.12 08:28, Rudy (bulk) wrote:
>> Jexec can accept either the JID or the jail 'Name'.  If you run 'jls
>> you see ezjail does not set the name and the default of the jail is
>> same as the JID.  Useless!
>> Having a 'name' on the jail allows you to use a non-moving target for
>> jexec commands.  For instance, you can restart you jails, not worry
>> about the JID changing and can issue a command like this:
>>  jexec foobar tcsh
>> just add '_name' to your ezjail config, and patch your rc.d/ezjail
>Is the "jail -m " switch backwards compatible? If it would fail
>on old systems it would be acceptable. Also, why not just use the
>_hostname variable?
>  erdgeist

I'd prefer have a name param (which could default to hostname)
There are cases where a short unique name can be easier toi manage... (in fact I'm already tweaking with ezjails to do that: I create 'ww1' jail, then change hostname param to 'ww1.my-too-long-domain.ext')

My 2cts...