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Re: [ezjail] Can't use jailname in jls/jexec

* Dirk Engling <erdgeist AT erdgeist DOT org> [2013-06-26 02:10:04 +0200]:

On Wed, 26 Jun 2013, fireglow wrote:

What could be the problem here?

Use the convenience construct

ezjail-admin console hostname

Notice the subtle difference between host names and jail names. Jail names
have become more important with the recent move to the new jail(8) command
and are used to identify a jail, however there are problems like the
failure to include '.' in possible jail names.

ezjail has for long used the host name as a handle for jails, deriving a
jail name from it by replacing all inappropriate chars by '_'.

However, the jail name is not set by the rc.d/jail script ezjail uses and
that means, that ezjails are not directly accessible by the native jail



Ah, I see.
I've noticed that it works on another machine where the jails where
created with an older version of ezjail, probably from before the move
to the new jail(8) you mentioned.

I'll use something like `ezjail-admin console -e 'pkg upgrade' www` from
now on, then.

Thank you