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Re: [ezjail] ezjail userland out of date with host

On 09.06.13 06:34, Kelly Martin wrote:

> I now have different userland binaries in my basejail than in the host.
> At this point "ezjail-admin update -u" doesn't help me because it thinks
> the jails are current with the latest versions. Is my only option to
> build a new basejail from source? Or are there other ways to update my
> jail binaries to be the same as the host? I'd prefer to stick with the
> binary upgrade approach if possible because I might run out of storage
> space if I make a new world...

The -u option is just for updates. If you want to UPGRADE your system,
use "ezjail-admin update -U" and tell ezjail (and thus freebsd-update)
which version of the base system is installed in the basejail, e.g.

  ezjail-admin update -U -s 8.1-RELEASE

and the rest will be done automatically.