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ezjail userland out of date with host

I've discovered that my jail userlands are out of date/sync with my host. I think I know how that happened but don't know how to fix it. I always use freebsd-update to update the host, and if upgrading to a new release I complete the whole process and *then* run ezjail-admin update -u, which I now realize should have been done before rebooting (or installing?) the binary updates, especially before installing a new kernel.

I now have different userland binaries in my basejail than in the host. At this point "ezjail-admin update -u" doesn't help me because it thinks the jails are current with the latest versions. Is my only option to build a new basejail from source? Or are there other ways to update my jail binaries to be the same as the host? I'd prefer to stick with the binary upgrade approach if possible because I might run out of storage space if I make a new world...