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Re: [ezjail] updating via freebsd-update


Am 04.06.2013 um 05:28 schrieb John Peebles <johnpeeb AT gmail DOT com>:

> I'm trying to use the ezjail-admin update -U command to update my
> jails, but am encountering two difficulties.

if just updating from 9.1 to 9.1p3 or something, you can just use freebsd-update fetch && freebsd-update install && ezjail-admin update -u.

> (1) I get a bunch of "no such file or directory" errors for files in
> the basejail/etc folder. Is this expected, since there is no etc
> folder in the basejail?
> (2) None of the etc folders in my actual jails are updated. How can I
> make sure that all the updated/new files that are supposed to go
> places other than the basejail go where they are supposed to? I tried
> running freebsd-update from within one of the jails, but it's unable
> to back up the kernel since the location it wants to do it in is read
> only. As such, it fails.

As far as I can tell, you need to go the buildworld -> ezjail-admin -i route if you don't stay within the minor release, which is implied if you want to use the -U flag, I guess.
Updating an ezjail called your.jail.name with mergemaster works with mergemaster -D /usr/jails/your.jail.name, you'll have to repeat that for all of your jails and /usr/jails/newjail as well.
You might run into a problem updating /boot/device.hints, I put this line into /etc/mergemaster.rc after running mergemaster for the host and before running mergemaster for the jails:
IGNORE_FILES='/boot/device.hints /etc/motd /etc/hosts'

Don't forget to comment that line after mergemaster for the jails so you won't let out /boot/device.hints the next time you update your host.