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updating via freebsd-update


I'm trying to use the ezjail-admin update -U command to update my
jails, but am encountering two difficulties.

(1) I get a bunch of "no such file or directory" errors for files in
the basejail/etc folder. Is this expected, since there is no etc
folder in the basejail?

(2) None of the etc folders in my actual jails are updated. How can I
make sure that all the updated/new files that are supposed to go
places other than the basejail go where they are supposed to? I tried
running freebsd-update from within one of the jails, but it's unable
to back up the kernel since the location it wants to do it in is read
only. As such, it fails.

It would be very nice if the ezjail-admin utility had some way of
walking me through this process, but I'm happy to do it manually if
somebody can explain what I need to do.