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ezjail-admin update -u

Hello list

Am I missing something or is "update -u" completely undocumented? I see a mention of it on the main site:

"ezjail-admin update does not (re)build the whole world by default, anymore. You have to provide -b (buildworld, installworld), -i (installworld only) or (as a new option) -u to use freebsd-update to update your base jail."

but neither the manpage nor running "ezjail-admin update" for listing the options mentions it in any way and I do have ezjail-3.1 on my system. Where can I read up more on this functionality? I want to update a 8.0 system with a few jails to 8.2 and this would come in quite handy.

- Sincerely,
Dan Naumov