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Re: [ezjail] man pages, crowd editing

Le mercredi 19 à 17:00, Dirk Engling a écrit :
> On 17.01.11 18:22, Frédéric Perrin wrote:
>> I moved the manpages into more appropriate sections, and added a small
>> target to the Makefile for generating the PDF documents. Dirk, what do
>> you think?
> Actually, I am impressed. Looks very good, so far. Still some typos and
> some clarifications I'd like to add.

You're welcome. Someone (somewhat familiar with FreeBSD, but not with
ezjail) told me the concept of base jails was not entirely clear, so I
will also work in this area.

> So, where do you handle versions now? In your git? 

Yes. I currently have no infrastructure in place for allowing other
people to push patches. If you don't have a git repo somewhere from
which I can pull further changes, I can setup something for giving you
rw access (but not before tomorrow afternoon).

>                                                    You still import text
> from the etherpad?

No. I copied the current state of the man pages to the etherpad, after
making sure there were no saved modifications, with a link to my
previous post. Except if you really want me to, I won't sync the
etherpad with my git repo as it is tedious work.

> Regards and thanks (many thanks indeed for the great work),

To give credit where it is due, you should also thank Joeb. Even if I
reworded most of the content, his work served as a basis both for the
structure of the documents and their typesetting.

Frédéric Perrin -- http://tar-jx.bz

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