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Re: [ezjail] man pages, crowd editing


Le lundi 20 à 22:37, Frédéric Perrin a écrit :
> Le lundi 13 à 20:29, Dirk Engling a écrit :
>> in order to get ezjail's documentation to the point where it actually
>> matches the script's contents again, I'll try a radically new way and
>> just put it out there for collaborative editing:
> I started working on ezjail-admin.8, using joeb's version as the basis.

In spite of my silence, I kept on working on the man pages (all three of
them: ezjail-admin.8, ezjail.conf.5 and ezjail.7). The result can be
seen in a git repository:

    http://code.fperrin.net/ezjail.git/ (clonable HTTP view)
    http://gitweb.fperrin.net/?p=ezjail.git;a=summary (Gitweb interface)

I also have PDF typeset versions of these manpages in:


I moved the manpages into more appropriate sections, and added a small
target to the Makefile for generating the PDF documents. Dirk, what do
you think?


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