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man pages, crowd editing

Dear jail fans,

in order to get ezjail's documentation to the point where it actually
matches the script's contents again, I'll try a radically new way and
just put it out there for collaborative editing:

	ezjail-admin.1	https://freepad.erdgeist.org/8848
	ezjail.5	https://freepad.erdgeist.org/8849
	ezjail.conf.5	https://freepad.erdgeist.org/8850

Please save revisions after editing them to prevent occasional
vandalism. Should I not update documentation in CVS for a while, feel
free to nudge me.

For the man pages, I already had some suggestions for a rewrite sent by
joeb whose content I don't want to lose, so I put it up for reference:

	ezjail-admin.8	https://freepad.erdgeist.org/8851
	ezjail.conf.8	https://freepad.erdgeist.org/8852
	ezjail.8	https://freepad.erdgeist.org/8853

If there's interest, I can also put the scripts in the pad, however
without syntax coloring editing shell scripts it is little fun.