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ezjail 3.0 is coming soon (now really!)

Guten Tag, ezjail folks,

after having spent some time on finally finishing ezjail-admin restore and fixing several minor bugs, updating man pages and inline documentation, I do now think, ezjail can be bundled into a new release.

I'd like to see all new features tested and the core functionality checked for regression issues, so if you have some spare minutes, please install the newest version from CVS and play around with console, archive and restore, report any rough edge you encounter, check the scripts against their documentation, send in complaints about hard to understand parts in man pages or inline documentation.

I am going to update the ezjail project site after rolling a new tar ball.

Thanks and regards,


New features since 2.1 include:

* ezjail-admin console <jailname> allows to jexec into running jails. If
  used as console -f, you can make the jail start before attaching to it
* ezjail-admin archive, restore and create -a provide a simple backup
  and migration toolset
* ezjail-admin now acts as a proxy for ezjail.sh, i.e. that line now
  actually works:
  ezjail-admin restart www.foo.com www.bar.com
* ezjail-admin now reports its version number along with its synopsis line
* ezjail-admin delete and console have a -f(orce) switch that stops/start
  the ezjail if necessary
* ezjail.sh now stops jails in reverse order
* ezjail.sh now reports skipped (norun or blocking) jails
* Heavily cleaned up the code, inserted quoting to work from directories
  whose names contain spaces sometimes in the future

Bugs fixed since 2.1 include:

* sudoer file from default flavour had wrong permissions
* sometimes image jails were incorrectly reported not attached
* image jails would not be run with ezjail.sh restart when not running,
  and would not have their images reattached after detaching
* the find command when copying flavours or the newjail now is passed "."
  instead of "*", thus enabling dot-files to be copied and too many
  parameters never to occur