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Re: [ezjail] Limitting diskuse per jail

On 10/03/10 20:20, Jack Raats wrote:
Is it possible to limit diskuse in a jail? e.g. jail one can use 30 GB,
jail 2 can use 10 GB.

IMHO it's a good practice to have every jail in its own filesystem.
Either using seperate partitions or with image files.
As many others on this list: we are using ZFS for this. It's easy, it's on-the-fly and allows optimal use of your disk-space because you can just set quota on the virtual filesystems/datasets and you are not forced in a 'fixed-forever' partitition layout.

Ezjail even has build-in support for this now!

In addition you gain snapshots, compression, etc. Also: if you have a simple non-raid setup, you can still use it with all these benefits. You just won't have any redundancy.


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