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Re: [ezjail] ezjail-admin install bug on amd64

Graham Todd wrote:

any chance of dropping a new release "soonish" ? the CURRENT version has
some new convenience features and I'm sure there's a few people willing
to test any of the stuff from the TODO like MMAP and interesting ways of
using geom mirror/md/journal/virstor etc. that Dirk might want to
include :-)

Yep, I am still alive and kicking. What's holding the new release is that the restore command is not yet working and there's really a lot of stuff to consider (like parsing configs from potentially insecure locations).

However, I could just postpone the complete restore command to ezjail-3.0 and release ezjail-2.2 that provides archiving in a "archive" + "create -a" beta state? What do you think? Man pages would require some tidying, too. Anyone willing to help?

I've been using zfs to host a few jails using the approach recommended
by Pavel Dawidek for creating jailable UFS filesystems in a zpool. Not
sure it merits a separate "ezjail-admin create" switch or not
(ezjail-admin create -z -s 10G ... ?) but using UFS filesystems on top
of ZFS is pretty neat since you get resizing, snapshots, etc. etc.

Cryx is currently working on integrating zfs into ezjail. Expect some news soon.