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Re: [ezjail] sharing selected ports across jails?

On okt 2, 2010, 08:05 (-0800) Royce Williams <royce.williams AT gmail DOT com> wrote:

> Is anyone sharing selected ports across jails?
> For ports that multiple jails need (for me, ports like bash, sudo,
> portupgrade, portaudit, etc.), it would be far more efficient to
> upgrade one instance.  Some ports would necessarily be per-jail ports,
> and others would be shared.
> Potential issues:
> * Specify jail-specific configs and data directories, if needed.
> * Handling libraries.
> What is The Right Way to do this?  Unionfs, other?

I have done some scripting to for sharing ports between jails, or rather 
between host and jail. I install the port in the host and then create a 
package. The package is copied to all jails and there installed as 

In my solution, if ports are shared, then they have exactly the same 
configuration (and compilation).

The script is a wrapper around ports-mgmt/portupgrade. It is still in 
testing phase.


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