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Re: [ezjail] jail upgrade: mergemaster?

Dmitriy Kirhlarov wrote:
Jeff Doolittle wrote:
So my next thought is there isn't a mergermaster step documented for use with ezjail. I've researched the web regarding 'generic' jail updates and found a couple instances where people document running the following step from the host:

mergemaster -i -C -D $JAIL

So is the above also correct when using ezjail? Do I update the basejail in addition to the actual jails (www, mail, fileserver, etc)?

It's correct. Don't forget about .newjail.

Well I went ahead and executed the mergemaster against newjail, but there were no updates (must be handled by ezjail?). I also determined after a little poking around I definitely don't run against basejail since it doesn't contain an '/etc' directory. Finally, I ran the mergemaster command against the other jails, restarted each jail, and logged in via ssh to confirm all the /var/log/message errors are now gone.
Thanks for confirming this very important step is indeed required.

   - Jeff