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RE: [ezjail] jail upgrade: mergemaster?

Hello Jeff,

Since you are trying using mergemaster I will assume you already did a
'make buildworld & make installworld'.
In this case I would use 'ezjail-admin update -i' to update basejail.
Of course, be sure none of jails is running during update.

Catalin Miclaus
Senior Network/Security Administrator
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Subject: Re: [ezjail] jail upgrade: mergemaster?

Jeff Doolittle wrote:
> So my next thought is there isn't a mergermaster step documented for
> with ezjail.  I've researched the web regarding 'generic' jail updates

> and found a couple instances where people document running the
> step from the host:
> mergemaster -i -C -D $JAIL
> So is the above also correct when using ezjail?  Do I update the 
> basejail in addition to the actual jails (www, mail, fileserver, etc)?

It's correct. Don't forget about .newjail.