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jail upgrade: mergemaster?

I've been using ezjail for a little less than a year but I still have one outstanding question regarding jail upgrades:

I've upgraded from v6.2 -> 7.0 beta(s) -> 7.0-rc(s) -> 7.0-Rel and each time I performed an "ezjail-admin update -i" and everything seems to have gone perfectly. The only error I see in the jails is as follows:

jail:  mail
Mar 8 08:02:56 mail sshd[15687]: in openpam_dispatch(): pam_nologin.so: no pam_sm_setcred()

jail:  www
Mar 8 05:03:06 www ftpd[12098]: in openpam_dispatch(): pam_nologin.so: no pam_sm_authenticate()

(other jails show the same basic errors)

So my next thought is there isn't a mergermaster step documented for use with ezjail. I've researched the web regarding 'generic' jail updates and found a couple instances where people document running the following step from the host:

mergemaster -i -C -D $JAIL

So is the above also correct when using ezjail? Do I update the basejail in addition to the actual jails (www, mail, fileserver, etc)?


   - Jeff