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Re: [ezjail] ezjail-admin install from alternate src/obj?

On Fri, 10 Sep 2010, Rudy wrote:

You can give setting TARGET when building from src.  I have never
actually tried this, but you may have luck with it....

That works, but as it is we already have an nfs-exported src/obj for each arch. So that's already covered.

Try  two source trees (one for the host, one for the jails).

Right before make world, you could try moving away your old src and obj
cd /usr && mv src src.amd64 && mv obj obj.amd64
then moving your 32 bit into place
mv src.i386 src && mkdir obj
Finally, build:
cd src && make TARGET=i386  buildworld

That's essentially what I'm doing now (minus the build, I just have ezjail do the installworld) - I unmount the 64-bit usr and obj and mount the 32-bit version.

What I'm hoping for is some way of mangling ezjail into selecting which src+obj tree to install from. For example, on 64-bit hosts, I have this available:

[root@h21 /home/spork]# mount -t nfs on /usr/src (nfs) on /usr/obj (nfs) on /usr/ports (nfs) on /usr/src-32 (nfs) on /usr/obj-32 (nfs)

Any ideas? I probably need to become more familiar with the whole build system to figure out how best to do this. I'm fairly certain that if I tried to manually do an installworld out of "/usr/src-32" it would likely blow up or install from "/usr/obj".



When you are done with the jails, mv your src and obj trees out of the
way if you need to update the host.


On 09/08/2010 12:34 AM, Charles Sprickman wrote:

There seems to now be official support for running 32 bit jails on a
64 bit host.  We're currently doing this and quite happy with it (in
our case it's to allow jail portability between i386 and amd64 boxes).

What I've been doing so far is simply nfs mounting 32 bit /usr/src and
/usr/obj on the host when updating the basejail.

I did experiment at some point with pointing to an alternate src tree,
but as I recall that didn't really work out very well due to the right
/usr/obj not being found (this was an installworld-only install, ie:

Any ideas on how to support mixed arches with ezjail going forward?