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freebsd-update in ezjail?

Hello Dirk,

There is a question that's been bugging me for some time
and I would like to ask.

ezjail-admin update at this port does a make world, make installworld
which is well...slow. True you can be rather fast by having a make world
always ready, patch and compile just the affected files when a patch
comes out and then do a ezjail-admin update -i so you only have to do a
make installworld.
On the other hand freebsd-update has proven to work miracles for 6.2 and
6.3 (and other releases before them, however freebsd-update in not in
base system for FreeBSD<=6.1)

After toying around a bit I believe there is a simple way to use it to
update the basejail fast and securely.

1. Stop an existing jail, or create a new one (completely otherwise
that's ok)
2. Mount by hand and read-write basejail dir in the usual place for this
3. chown into the jail and run freebsd-update fetch && freebsd-update

Now this obviously also works for FreeBSD releases <=6.1 as long as the
freebsd-update port is installed in the aforementioned jail.

Is there any chance that this functionality (either in the described way
or any other that can be deemed better) can make it into ezjail?

One other thing. Is there a specific reason /rescue is installed in
basejail ? Saving 3.2 is not worthy mentioning i know, it's just that a
jail won't ever need it(probably)


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