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bugs with start command and autostart at boot time

1. With ezjail_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf and some created jails present. At boot time the created jails are auto-started 2 times. The first start has good messages, but the second time get message that already started. This should not happen. Boot time auto start of jails should only happen once. During the boot process it takes less then a minute to roll through both of the auto starts.

2. When issuing "ezjail-admin stop jailname" you receive message "Stopping jails: jailname. But when issuing "ezjail-admin stop" you receive message " ezjailStopping jails: jailname jailname jailname". This " ezjail" suffix is being added. This also happens when issuing "ezjail-admin start" and not when issuing "ezjail-admin start jailname".

3. Why does it take 1.5 minutes to start a directory tree type jail? Seems like some error has to time out before it will complete. Now I am not talking about starting a jail for the first time after creating it. The 4 jails start up faster than that during boot. But when using "ezjail-admin start" after doing "ezjail-admin stop" it takes 1.5 minutes per jail to start each 1 of the 4 jails. When issuing "ezjail-admin start jailname" it takes 45 seconds for the jail to start. When I comment out the ezjail_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf and then have to use "ezjail-admin onestart" it takes 45 seconds to start each jail. Since 45 seconds is exactly half of 1.5 minutes, I would say that the "ezjail-admin start" command is being executed 2 times just like seen at boot time. This sure indicates that some thing is very wrong. Running version 3.1 installed from port today.