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Re: [ezjail] running ezjail-admin update -u

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 11:35 PM, Joe <joeb_722 AT comclark DOT com> wrote:
> The  ezjail-admin update -u command runs the Freebsd-update program to
> install security patches to the basejail. Can this be done while jails are
> running? When does this take effect. On the host have to reboot to take
> effect. Is restart jailname doing the same thing?

Because jails do not have their own kernels (they all share the host's
kernel), ezjail-admin update -u would not require a reboot.
Presumably, you rebooted after 'freebsd-update fetch update', if it
touched the kernel. Restarting the jails should be enough. As to the
safety of doing the update on running jails, I do not do so, as a
matter of prudence.